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iSee the world, do you?
iSee -
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

--Arthur C. Clarke


iSee is a highly-optimised, small footprint application suite for video-conferencing over TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet. It has advanced algorithms for rate control, optimum bandwidth utilisation, variable bit-rate compression, etc. all tuned to work across a bandwidth spectrum ranging from modem speeds (14.4 Kbps) to LAN speeds (10/100 Mbps) in both wired and wireless networks.

The main technology highlights are:

Hub & spoke architecture
Where the server (hub) is connected on a high-bandwidth backbone network and the clients (spoke) are on low-bandwidth dial-up networks.

High Performance
  • Provides cell phone-quality audio, with Voice Activity Detection, variable bit-rate control, etc.
  • Provides TV-quality video depending on camera, processor and bandwidth availability
Optimised for Wireless networks
Works reliably on low bandwidth scenarios such as WiLL (CorDECT, CDMA, �) systems

Optimum Bandwidth usage
  • Scales linearly from 12 Kbps to over 1 Mbps.
  • Utilises maximum bandwidth available, by multiplexing audio and video
  • Reduces bandwidth requirements by using ODE (Open Data Exchange) protocol for application control

Conference Server

  • Works on Linux
  • Ability to control clients with varying a/v and bandwidth capabilities
  • Change active speaker/co-speaker to enable everybody to see each other at varying times
  • Ability to serve participants in both private and public network interfaces (NAT, static/dynamic IP clients)

Unified Client

  • Works on Microsoft Windows
  • Simple and easy to use Graphical User Interface with command-line options
  • Supports MV4 (Multiplexed Video 4) file format for a/v recording applications
When compared to other similar systems, iSee provides better performance (increased video frames/second, better image quality, improved audio) when using similar hardware, software and network infrastructure.
This application is ideally suited for typical multi-party conferencing situations such as distance education (with the teacher in the central location and students in remote locations), e-governance, collaborative research, remote monitoring, etc.

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