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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

-- Alan Kay Uttered during a 1971 meeting at XEROX PARC
iSee iSee is a video-conferencing technology which enables multipoint and point-to-point videoconferencing.

  • iSee is software solution that eliminates the need for expensive hardware technology.
  • iSee utilises the existing infrastructure from dial-up to broadband Internet connections, from web-cams to digital video capture devices, from older Pentium PCs to the latest Centrino laptops.
  • iSee works reliably over dial-up (33.6 modem) network connections; so you do not have to wait for broadband connections to start benefiting from media-conferences.
  • iSee P2P - two-party peer-to-peer video-conferencing calls for public IP addresses.
  • iSee Conference - multi-party, server hosted, video conferences for public/private networks.
  • iSee Lecture - multi-party, server hosted, live/archived video conferencing with whiteboard facilities.
  • iSee API - enables third party applications to integrate media-conferencing with their products
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