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-- The Mother

Founded in 1995, Object Oriented Programming Services Pvt. Ltd. (OOPS) is a part of the TeNeT group of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras with the objective of being the foremost company providing video and audio products for communication over the internet.

We are a vibrant team driven by a vision that our technology will transform the way we communicate over the internet.

OOPS is a place where there is a lot of joie de vivre, of rich talent bristling with energy and confidence all binded together with a vision to be the best in this domain. As a company, we believe ourselves to be pioneers in the forefront of technology rather than businessmen out to make a quick pile. Our operating principle in every transaction- be it, with our suppliers, customers, channel partners- is integrity above everything else.

This is the stated goal of many an organisation; we are no different. Now it is up to you to see how valid our claims are!
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