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iSee the world, do you?
iSee -
iTalk -
iDial -
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

-- Alan Kay Uttered during a 1971 meeting at XEROX PARC

Reach out to the world using OOPS products.
  • iSee enables users to conduct:
    • one-one multimedia-calls
    • one-many multimedia broadcasting sessions
    • many-many multimedia conferences

    ...all over the Internet!
OOPS iTalk
  • iTalk features:
    • two party peer-to-peer voice calls
    • multi-party voice conferences

    ...talk away!
OOPS iDial
  • iDial features:
    • internet Dialer application
    • simple, easy-to-use
    • automates Dial-up networking.

    A click is all it takes!