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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

-- Alan Kay Uttered during a 1971 meeting at XEROX PARC
iSee Lecture

iSee Lecture includes Enterprise and Network Service Provider Versions

 iSee Lecture features
  • n-party voice/video server hosted conferences
  • Whiteboard
  • Session archival and retrieval
  • Moderated and un-moderated conferences
  • Presence Notification, Chat, File transfer
  • Low/High bandwidth Calls:
    • n x 32 kbps calls
    • Variable video sizes: 160 x 120, 320 x 240, 176 x 144, 352 x 288
  • Call logging on Server
  • First year upgrades
 iSee Lecture system requirements
  • OS Platform
    • Client: Ms Windows 9X, NT, XP
    • Server: Linux kernel version 2.x or above
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